Wood Chipper Hire

Wood Chipper Hire

Do you have piles of leaves, branches, plant or shrub pieces that needs to be converted into mulch? After any tree jobs, you can find tree debris, instead of tossing them in the garbage, why not recycle them into mulch? You can either use them in your garden or landscaping or sell them.


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Benefits of Recycling Your Plant Wastes


 Throwing away tree debris after a clean up not only is it is impractical, it is also a waste of money as these debris can be converted into something else that can be sold like mulch. By utilising powerful wood chippers, changing plant debris or any kind of shrubs or plant is easy.


Recycling plant wastes helps in eliminating the production of methane, which is a dangerous to the environment. By recycling your green waste you prevent it from going to the landfills, which helps reduce greenhouse emissions.

Safe and Fully Insured Wood Chippers


 Hiring a wood chipper is the safest way to turn your tree wastes into mulch. Just like any type of machinery, a wood chipper mcan be very dangerous if used incorrectly.


We at Logan City Tree Loppers, we have fully insured wood chippers ready to work for both commercial and residential projects in Logan and the surrounding areas. Before we start our job, we make sure that we do an initial risk assessment in order to protect everyone on-site. We also comply with the necessary and relevant legislation and industry recommendations.


When you avail our wood chipper hire, you will enjoy the services of our professional and skilled team that operates excellently and reliably. We mulch anything from large branches to small tree wastes. No job is too big or too small.


For a cost effective and fully insured wood chipper hire, call us today.

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