Tree Lopping

Tree Lopping

When done right, tree lopping can improve the overall health of your tree while maintaining the aesthetic look you’re after. However, if done incorrectly and without care and tree maintenance a poorly lopped tree will only yield a weak sickly tree. Tree’s that are prone to disease and insect infestations and can result in large limbs that are susceptible to breakage, falling off or coming projectiles in windy conditions. Reduce the impact a poorly managed tree can have on the safety or you and your family, enquire about our tree lopping services today.


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What are the Benefits of Tree Lopping Services?


 Logan City Tree Loppers services is usually called upon when there are trees that needs to be drastically corrected or trees that need extensive work that falls outside our regular tree pruning and shaping services. Where trees require reduction due to the current location and situation. Whatever the reason we want to find the best long-term fix to help reduce tree maintenance cost.


Improving the safety of your trees by removing dangerous and structurally unsafe branches throughout the canopy because tree lopping is a high-risk occupation that is why it is highly ​advisable to sought the help of certified and qualified professionals. Entrusting the job to the professionals, is not only safer, but also will save you money not having to continue to correct the tree or worse having to completely remove the tree from incorrect pruning.

With over 33 Years of Experience Servicing Logan and Surrounding Areas


Logan City Tree Loppers is composed of a team of knowledgeable and certified arborists experienced in tree lopping. We have all the right equipment to handle all kinds of trees . So we are thorough, quick, clean and completely insured to protect you and your property.


Logan City Tree Loppers guarantee’s that all our work has a 100% customer satisfaction rate and we pride ourselves in delivering quality and dependable tree lopping service. Specialize in dangerous tree removal and we have experienced working on trees located in difficult places.

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