Mobile Timber Milling

Mobile Timber Milling

Have you recently had some timber felled on your property? Or perhaps you have several old large logs left over from some years back? Simply not sure how to move them on, without letting them go to waste. Well you’ve came to the right place, read on to discover how our portable milling service ticks all the boxes.


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Mobile Time Milling Services by Logan City Tree Loppers


 Logan City Tree Loppers offers mobile timber milling services to land owners, estate managers, government agencies and private contractors. Our expert timber millers will ensure that you will get nothing but the best quality lumber.


Our milling system is portable so we can mill your trees right on the property. If you do not know what to do with trees that are going to waste, we can transform them into solid beams, post, railing, whether board, bar tops, anything you would ever require for building, timbers that can be used as tables, chairs, furniture and other items.


Rapid Set-up of the Portable Mill


 After the wood has been milled into required materials, the remaining tree waste and off-cuts are either turned into mulch or firewood. Nothing is wasted, nothing is thrown out into a landfill. At Logan City Tree Loppers, we take pride in keeping all our equipment well maintained, serviced and updated. Knowing that milling requires tough and durable equipment to perform well. We only use Australian made Lucas Mills Machines, known for their quality and durability, built to withstand the hard Australian timber. We take our jobs safely and seriously.


No matter where you want us to work, we will be able to set our machinery up. No matter how inaccessible the location, we can set up in minutes and start working. Got any trees to mill? Contact us now.