Arborists vs. Tree Loppers

Many people are quite confused as to is the difference between a tree lopper and an arborist. Some might even imply that these two are not related. But that is not the case. Both handle the well being of trees.

Tree lopping is the technique to trim and maintain trees. It involves cutting the branches off of the tree shortening it into stubs. When properly done, this can offer certain benefits. Tree lopping are usually used on very large trees that have branches that are overhanging which is a major security risk to people and property. The greatest risk in this situation is during severe weather condition that could cause the branches to break causing major property damages or serious injuries.

A tree lopper is someone who simply loops you trees or removes some tree limbs or branches to stubs. Tree loppers generally offer a cheaper price. If not all, but most tree loppers are inexperienced and unqualified. Poorly pruned trees can result in a weakened structure which can lead to a tree falling over especially when there is severe weather condition.

What do an Arborists do?

An professional trained arborist are qualified individual that can give you advice on your trees and how to give the utmost care. They will evaluate the tree from all angles. Ensuring that where they cut it won’t jeopardize the safety and health of the tree. An arborist will ensure that the regrowth will not cause any safety concerns. Prevents you, to the people around you and your property for safety goods.

Employing the aid of an arborist will benefit your tree health and make it look more visually appealing. If you employ the help of an arborist, you are assured that your property is safe and secure. Keep in mind that when you have well-protected trees, no matter how harsh the weather condition is, it will still stand strong.

Tree lopping can be technically challenging and dangerous. Not to mention can pose a threat to the health of your tree if not done properly. Before hiring anyone to get any tree work done in your property, always check the credentials of the people who are going to do the work. Make sure that they are qualified, trained and fully insured professionals.

When it comes to the safety of you, the people around you and your property . Don’t risk it and hire only a professional arborist to do the job.

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