5 Tree Trimming Safety Tips To Keep Yourself Safe

Tree trimming is a vital part of maintaining tree health and structural integrity. The process sounds easy enough, simply removing limbs and branches from a tree without the removal of the tree trunk. However, it’s important you understand the whole situation. This can be dangerous and requires experience, knowledge and equipment. If you do not know what you

are doing, you might risk yourself, the people around you and your property serious damages – from sprained wrists to broken bones, or worse.

There are many professional equipment used for Tree trimming for e.g. climbing gear, Cherry picker or EWP, over handle chainsaws, chaps, bollard, just to name a few. You may have to use more than a rope or ladder to do this. If you consider to do it yourself, consider these things before going through the task:

  • The people and property around you. Tree trimming comes with potential hazards.
  • The tools you have to use to trim the trees like harness, rigging gear, rated ropes, saws, manual and electric trimmers.
  • Appropriate equipment like a harness, safety glasses, hard hat, gloves, long sleeved shirt, long pants and boots.
  • Liability if something goes wrong and damage is caused to neighbouring property.
  • Electrical power on the street or supplying power to your home.

When to DIY and When to Call a Professional

If one properly, trimming the tree could cause no harm. Tree trimming can become dangerous, so keep these things in mind when trimming your trees.

  • Do not attempt to trim trees near power lines
  • Avoid climbing risky heights
  • Do not attempt to cut thick branches using simple pruning tools.
  • Do not work on ladders.
  • Do not operate a chainsaw above your head.

For situations that require the use of heavy equipment, it advisable to call the professionals to do the job. Doing any task at height poses multitude of risk. It is always recommended that you call the professional arborist to do difficult jobs. Always choose an arborist that is certified and insured. Hiring an arborist, you are ensured that you and your property are protected. A certified arborist has the tools needed to complete tree trimming safely. They also do an initial check on the tree to be trimmed to see if there are any hidden dangers and know the right way the tree needs to be cut.has the tools needed to complete tree trimming safely. They also do an intial check on the tree to be trimmed to see if there are any hidden dangers or any difficulties in trimming the tree.

Don’t risk the safety of you, the people around you and your property by attempting to trim significant landscape trees. Just because it might be the cheaper option doesn’t necessarily mean it is the best solution. A poorly trimmed tree can resolute in costing more in the future to correct it. If you have questions about tree trimming and other tree services, contact your local arborist.

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